Posted by Manas 18 March 2005, 1:11pm

     In my childhood, i did not know how to mix rice with curry in the correct ratio...some times i mixed less curry with more rice and some times less rice with more a result its taste was not good...ofcourse i ate many time that less tasty or over tasty mixture of food... but many times, when my mother was eating, i went to her and asked again for food.  why because that food was very tasty.  i thought she knew how to mix rice with curry in the correct ratio. i liked very much to eat food mixed by our mother. But when i ate food mixed by some other elders in our family and outside my family (neighbours), i could never got that taste....

     Is mixing of food and curry in the correct ratio the only reason behind that taste?  I don't think so.  I think mothers not only mix the curry and food in the correct raio, but they also add their love to that food..........what do u say???


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Posted by Manas 04 March 2005, 11:45am

     When I was studying in elementary school, I had no idea as to how magnets were made.  But my classmates suggested a method to make magnets.  They asked me to take some clay and mix it with some leaves and with some other materials  (I forgot the name of the tree, and the name of the other materials) and place it under sunlight for a week.  They believed this was the method to make magnets. We tried it out, but no magnet was formed.  In those days, we were very curious about magnets.  And so are we even now. Anyways, it is one of my memories......

     I laugh at myself and at my friends, when I remember this......


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